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Testing Equipment

The best production equipment is not complete without proper measuring equipment to be able to demonstrate quality in production as well. Oerlikon offers therefore sophisticated measuring devices for measuring the most important quality characteristic of covered welding electrodes, which may be among the worlds best of its kind.

Flux Consistency Testing

The quality control of intermediates in electrode manufacturing helps systematically in the early detection of production errors, which can thus be resolved at an early stage. Thus, larger production losses can be prevented effectively. With the, from Oerlikon offered mass consistency tester MPG 001, this control can be applied onto the wet mixture easily and quickly, and serves as a criterion whether it performs the needs for extrusion or not.

Concentricity Testing

These testers from Oerlikon are, even proved a long time, still unique, and widespread on the world market of electrode producers. The concentricity of the electrode cover to core wire can be measured quick, reliable and non-destructively.
There’s a distinction between testing equipment for magnetic core wire, and those with a non ferrous core wire.

Diffusible Hydrogen Analyzing of Welding Deposit

Cold cracks in structural steel have their root cause in hydrogen, whose entry on the melt during welding can never be avoided completely.

Diffusion processes in general, the more excited the higher the ambient temperature is. Therefore, the hydrogen diffusion rate in welding processes, from welding material into the highly heated areas of the base material is high and associated with increased brittle fracture activity.
For analyzing of the diffusible hydrogen content in welding deposit, we offer the OERLIKON – YANACO analyzing equipment that allows the detection of diffusible hydrogen in weld deposit according IIW & AWS rules.